The Huron Stewardship Council has maintained this web portal since 2001. This portal has been used as a resource for partner organizations to support their growth and efficacy and as an opportunity to engage the public at large in these organization’s activities and objectives.

Please contact the Huron Stewardship Council Coordinator if you have an organization or project that could benefit from a web site on this portal.

Over the years, the site has undergone two major redesigns to enable further community building by providing an economical, accessible, effective communications tool focused on environmental issues affecting residents in Huron County.

The first redesign allowed all of the sites hosted on the portal to publish upcoming events and news items which would be shown on the master calendar and news pages of the main portal site.

The second redesign changed the underlying software to the industry-standard WordPress content management system.  This software is easier to administer and provides many additional capabilities.

Please contact the Huron Stewardship Council Techie if you have any technical questions about this site.

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