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About us

We are a community-based, incorporated non-profit organization that promotes responsible resource use and environmental protection in Huron County through networking, cooperation, and collaboration. The Huron Stewardship Council (HSC) is comprised of volunteers from various backgrounds, and is based out of Goderich, Ontario, located along Lake Huron and the Maitland River. Our staff and volunteers conduct ecological monitoring and research programs, manage invasive species and other environmental threats, and work with community members to improve the natural environment.

We offer many opportunities for community input and involvement. We are always interested in your comments and ideas. Please contact us!

Photo: D. McCowan

"Stewardship is taking responsibility for actions today that directly influence the protection of values for future generations."


Nature in Huron County

Huron County has many natural habitats that are home to a wide diversity of plants and animals. Although much of the landscape is agricultural, the Maitland River Valley and Lake Huron Shoreline provide refuge for many species that are unique or rare in Canada.

Restoration activities such as wetland and meadow construction have successfully retired marginal agricultural areas into habitats where numerous species have prospered. Contact us for more information about funding and partnership opportunities.

Photos: D. McCowan

Latest News

Environmental Stewardship in Huron County

Several other organizations throughout Huron County are also committed to environmental stewardship. The former 'Huron Stewardship Portal' hosted several of these organizations including: Friends of the Bayfield River, Huron Fringe Field Naturalists, Huron Perth Chapter of the Woodlot Association, John Hindmarsh Environmental Trust Fund, and the Lower Maitland Stewardship Group. Visit their websites to learn more about their goals, projects, and events.