Invasive Species Monitoring

Phragmites Monitoring

Eradicating Canada's "Worst Invasive Plant"

Phragmites australis is a grass native to Eurasia that has been damaging beaches, wetlands, and biodiversity since its arrival in North America. Phragmites grows quickly and aggressively to crowd out and compete with native plants and wildlife.

The Huron Stewardship began monitoring Phragmites in the Maitland River watershed beginning in 2018. We partnered with the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority to herbicide spray several stands of Phragmites in the autumn of 2018, 2019, and 2020.

If you have seen Phragmites on your property, please let us know! Stewardship guides are also available to provide tips for managing this plant on your property.

Controlling Phragmites with a herbicide. Herbicide spraying is used when other methods are unlikely to be successful, and is conducted only by licensed applicators. Photo: M. Maddalena.
Phragmites forms dense stands that crowd out native plants and wildlife. Photo: M. Maddalena.