On Friday November 18th, Scales Nature Park joined us in Clinton to deliver an advanced reptile workshop.   There were approximately 50 people in attendance.  Jeff Hathaway, owner of Scales, talked about the species characteristics for identification, about their general biology, and distribution in Ontario.  Reptiles face several threats that have reduced their numbers to a concerning level.  Habitat loss, road mortality, poaching, and persecution are just a few.  There are several projects underway across Ontario, including projects led by Scales Nature Park and the Huron Stewardship Council, that are trying to prevent  species decline, and recover reptile populations.  You can also do your part by helping a turtle or snake cross the road, creating a more natural habitat for reptiles on your property, or volunteering your time with Scales or the HSC.

Thank you, Scales Nature Park, for sharing your knowledge and inspiring us to do more to conserve reptiles where we live.

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