Donna and Marg from the Huron Stewardship Council had another great year at the Huron Perth Agriculture and Water Festival (HPAWF).  This is a fun and educational event that provides grade four students hands on learning opportunities about agriculture and water; their importance in our local environment and role in our everyday lives.  The HSC’s activity this year was called the Pioneer Water Race.  The main messages in the Pioneer Water Race are:

  1. A fresh, clean water supply is necessary for survival so it is very important that we conserve it for future generations.
  2. In Canada, we are very lucky to have clean water piped directly into our homes. In pioneer times, and even today in some countries, water had to be carried in buckets from the source and, in some cases, was not even clean.
  3. Canadians waste a lot of water because it is so readily available. Imagine having to haul all of the water you use and perhaps you can begin to use less.

This year Matt Southgate, a high school co-op student, made a video about the HPAWF. Way to go Matt!  Click the following link to check it out:

Huron Perth Agriculture and Water Festival 2015

We are thrilled to be part of this great event every year. We are hopeful students who participate will become better stewards of our water resources and more aware of the agricultural community that plays such a prominent role in Huron and Perth Counties.