Our friends at the Lower Maitland Stewardship Group have produced a video showcasing the breathtaking views of the Lower Maitland River – one of the healthiest river systems in Southern Ontario.  Below is an excerpt from their website.

As the river twists and turns through Ontario’s West Coast, the sights you can see from your canoe, paddle board, or along the 50 km of trails are stunning! We know all who experience it agree that the Lower Maitland is a gem for all to enjoy. Our hope is that you will join us in our efforts to protect it for future generations.

Both Tiger Dunlop and John Galt had travelled widely, but no spot had so impressed them as this place where the River Menesetung flows into Lake Huron.  Both men were deeply affected by the beautiful and inspiring site, ‘the brilliant glory of Lake Huron, the indescribable beauty of the river adorned by the splendor of cedar, pine and maple.’”  June 1827

James Scott, The Settlement of Huron County, Toronto: Ryerson Press. 1966 p.27

Care and stewardship have kept the Maitland River (formerly Mennesetung River) a healthy ecosystem in the rural landscape of Huron County.  The Lower Maitland River is home to many plants and animals that are now rare in the province, and the world.  Bald eagles, queen snakes, and green dragons are just a few of the interesting species found in this area.

There are also distinctive habitats on the Maitland River that are unique in Southern Ontario.  For instance, towering limestone cliffs provide habitat for arctic plant species at the southern limit of their range.

Hundreds of local community members and visitors to Huron County enjoy the beauty of the Maitland River annually. The Lower Maitland Stewardship Group – a collection of landowners, stakeholders, government agencies and non-government organizations – actively promotes the maintenance and enhancement of the Lower Maitland River Valley.

We are proud to live near the Lower Maitland River and are committed to working with our neighbours to conserve its health and beauty for future generations.  Check out our website to learn more about the Maitland River, local events, and how you can conserve the Maitland.