Thank you to everyone who joined us to get Back to Blacker.  We had a little bit of rain to cool us down while we planted 400 hardwood trees.

The good news was we had lots of helping hands.   From people who helped prepare the site ahead of time (mowing, digging holes), to moving trees around the site, trucking in mulch, and of course getting the trees in the ground, it truly took a team effort to get everything done.

Now each of us can watch the trees grow up as we make our trips in and out of Goderich.

Thank you once again to everyone who contributed to the tree planting event.  We’d also like to acknowledge the leadership and hard work of our partners at the Nature Conservancy of Canada.  It’s been fun!

Photos were provided by Mike Francis

Blacker 7Blacker 9

Blacker 4Blacker 5







Blacker 3 Blacker 1