Osage Orange

Honour Roll of Trees

Maclura pomifera


Also known as hedge-apple, bodark and bowwood, is best known for its large globular fruits that resemble a green orange. Osage orange originates in Texas and other nearby areas of the southern US. It was often planted in hedges that sometimes doubled as livestock fences due to its nasty thorns. The wood is very tough, flexible and resistant to decay. It was a prized wood for making bows.


Diameter: No sizes recorded due to the nasty thorns, but several trees are in the 70 cm range.

Height: 16 m

*diameter and circumference measured at breast height – 1.3 m above the ground


Address: 74124 Airport Line, Municipality of Bluewater (Stanley Township ward).

UTM Coordinates: E456656, N4815549

Notes: while no sizes were recorded these trees are certainly a point of interest. They are easily viewed as they are adjacent to the road.

Submitted by: Donna Taylor and Steve Bowers. Date measured: October 20, 2008