Sugar Maple

Honour Roll of Trees

Acer saccharum


Sugar Maple is one of the most common species in the upland forests of Huron and Perth Counties. It is quite shade tolerant so seedlings will germinate and persist in the shade of the forest floor, ready to respond to any disturbance that opens the forest canopy and provides space for them to occupy. It is often planted as a shade tree. In the early- to mid-1900’s many rural roads were lined with stately Sugar Maple trees. Other common names are Hard Maple and Rock Maple. It is an important commercial species with the wood used for a variety of purposes including furniture, flooring and veneer. The dense wood makes excellent firewood. As the name implies, Sugar Maple has sap with high sugar content that is used to produce Maple Syrup. It is also Canada’s national tree and featured on the Canadian Flag.


Diameter: 127 cm

Circumference: 400 cm

Height: 23.6 m

*diameter and circumference measured at breast height – 1.3 m above the ground


Address: This tree is southeast of Blyth. It is on private property and in a back yard, so not easily accessed for viewing.

Submitted by: Warren Moore. Date measured: October 20, 2008